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Although advanced plumbing technology has allowed manufacturers to create much stronger piping systems nowadays, even the toughest pipes eventually break down over time. Anything from intruding roots, to collapse, to long term deterioration can be the final straw that causes your sewer drain to fail.

The problem is that when this occurs, many options for sewer line replacement can be quite extensive and costly. Fortunately, if you are looking for a solution that saves you a lot of stress and unnecessary expense, our team at 911 Sewer Specialists, Inc. has the expertise to provide you with superior pipe bursting in Torrance. This option is an excellent way for homeowners to have their sewer line safely replaced without having their lives uprooted with the extended hassle that can be involved in time-consuming trenching, and we can even offer completely free estimates to get you started.

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What Is Pipe Bursting?

Normally when we think of the words “burst pipe,” we automatically get a negative image of sewage spraying through the air in a horribly smelly fountain of bathroom waste. However, a pipe that has been “burst” on purpose by skilled plumbing technicians is very different than one which has accidentally exploded due to an internal fault.

Essentially, pipe bursting that has been performed by our expert plumbers is actually a method of trenchless pipe replacement that avoids the damaging and extensive process used by traditional trenching. This method requires 2 access pits where a steel cable is strung from the “launching pit” to the “receiving pit.” A hydraulic puller is placed on the receiving end and pulls the new pipe while breaking the old pipe out of the way. This new pipe that is pulled in is a high-density poly pipe that is 10 times stronger than new ABS pipe.

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Pipe Bursting Benefits

There are plenty of advantages which come from using pipe bursting rather than the old form of trenching.

Some of the most common reasons that customers choose to do pipe bursting include:

  • A limited amount of waste – In order to have a new pipe replacement, it is crucial that the older pipe does not remain. With pipe bursting, the original gets completely demolished, which in turn creates less hassle and decreased amounts of waste being dumped at local landfills.
  • A reduced work time – Since it is no longer necessary to excavate the line (as is done with traditional trenching), bursting pipes acts as a much more rapid kind of sewer replacement model.
  • A greater amount of savings – This method of bursting pipes is exponentially more cost effective since it does not require any fees for either excavating or repairing your landscaping after heavy demolition.

No matter what your situation is, trust in the extensive expertise of our qualified technicians at 911 Sewer Specialists, Inc. to safely burst your pipes and replace them with a durable, powerful draining system.

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    911 Sewer Specialist, the name says it all.

    “I can't say enough good things about 911 Sewer Specialists. Everyone is super kind and helpful, whether calling the office or talking with the crew on the job. I would give John and everyone at 911 Sewer Specialist a lot more than 5 stars if I could.”

    - Mark B.
    He would be the first guy call in the future if I need help with plumbing.

    “John is a true professional. He was very straightforward and honest. Did great quality work, did the job quickly, it was very fair priced. He was always on time and showed a lot of pride in his work. Very thankful for the job he did!”

    - Keith T.
    He is very professional, kind, and very knowledgeable.

    “John re-plumbed my ENTIRE 3/2 bedroom house with PEX including a new bathroom addition. His experience and knowledge in the industry along with his youthfulness and energy puts him above all the competition. Do not hesitate to use John!!!!!!!!”

    - Nicholas T.
    John is great! He was so kind, timely, professional and great with customers.

    “John was honest and dealt with our issue, not trying to create more things to charge us for. It's always hard dealing with these expert craftsman as you never know if you can trust them. He also fit us into his busy schedule fast which I appreciated.”

    - Alyssa K.
    Highly recommended!

    “Great communication, service, and value.”

    - Victoria M.


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