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Trenchless Pipe Lining

Trenchless Pipe Lining in Torrance

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All of us have that sinking feeling of dread when we notice that our sinks, toilets, and tubs are constantly filling up or draining slowly. While there might be a small blockage in the pipes, there is also the possibility that somewhere deep beneath the ground there is one section or even multiple parts of your drainage system in need of extensive repair or complete replacement.

If it turns out your pipes do need to be deeply fixed, however, you may be wondering if there is any other solution besides having your entire yard ripped up. Fortunately, there is with our trenchless sewer pipe lining services in Torrance. Instead of digging up your entire lawn, our professionals at 911 Sewer Specialists, Inc. can target the portions which need repairs, all at a much less expensive cost.

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Objects That Could Be Damaging Your Drainage System

There is a whole range of items which might be slowing the effectiveness of your drainage system. It does not even matter how old your pipes are, since even a new drainage system can still suffer when several negative factors are combined together.

Just some of these problems which might be affecting your system include:

  • Invasions by tree roots
  • Small breaks, cracks, or leaks
  • Collected organic or inorganic materials
  • Build-up of mold
  • Backups from constant use
  • Calcium deposits from hard water

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Our Different Types of Liners

nuflow certified contractorPrecision pull in place:

Our precision pull in place liner is a must more detailed process, but it allows us to have complete control of our starting and stopping points. Meaning we do not need traditional "pit access" in most cases. We also have the ability to gap fittings, this means where other lines connect we do not need to use expensive robotic tooling to cut a portion of the liner out like you would with inversion lining. This liner is very strong and can be snaked without damaging it. We are Certified contractors who can install the Nuflow product.

Inversion lining:

A simple and fast way to rehabilitate a sewer line. This method is typically used outside of the building on your main sewer line and is not snakeable. Inversion lining is the most common and can be installed from only one access pit.

Connection liners:

Connection liners also called "vertical horizontal connection liners" are liners specifically made to rehabilitate the fitting where two lines intersect. These repairs are often done on full system rehabilitations where the main line is relined and the fittings that connect the branch lines need repair. These repairs are also done on high-rise buildings where "branch lines" connect at every floor.

sewer pipes before and after

911 Sewer Specialists 
Your NUflow certified Contractor

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Sewer Specialist

The Value of Trenchless Pipe Lining

When your pipes have been damaged by one of the above causes, you need it quickly repaired before the issue becomes worse. By using epoxy resin to coat the pipes as a liner, our technicians can restore even extremely old, corroded pipes into an almost brand-new condition.

A powerful benefit of our proprietary lining system is that it allows us to be truly trenchless. We have the ability to start and stop our liners anywhere within the drainage system. This enables us to rehabilitate only the problem area without digging, which can save thousands for our customers. We are the leaders in small diameter lining (ranging from between 1.5 inches to 6 inches) and specialize in pipe within the building envelope. This means that, unlike many plumbing companies, our contractors have both the expertise and the tools to fix even the most delicate, small pipes that have been damaged.

The Value of Affordable, Non-Invasive Sewer Replacement

If you are looking to save time and money while simultaneously getting your plumbing problem thoroughly fixed, then you have come to the right place here at 911 Sewer Specialists, Inc. Our dedicated contractors are devoted to ensuring that you get the service you need without having your home flooring, lawn, or your driveway destroyed by traditional repair methods. You can count on our technicians to offer reliable Torrance trenchless pipe lining as a superior alternative. Whether you are a residential homeowner, commercial business, large HOA, or even a hospital, we can serve you!

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    With a hands on business owner and monthly in-house training sessions for technicians, you know you're always getting professional and assured service.

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    We understand times get tough and we're here to help. That's why with 911 Sewer Specialists you will always get honest and upfront pricing.

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    Our technicians GPS systems allow us to notify you when the technician is on his way so you don't have to wonder when you will get the help you need!

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    You can rest assured knowing that our team is fully licensed and insured to help with all your sewer and drain needs.

Our Reviews

You Can Trust Our Experience
    911 Sewer Specialist, the name says it all.

    “I can't say enough good things about 911 Sewer Specialists. Everyone is super kind and helpful, whether calling the office or talking with the crew on the job. I would give John and everyone at 911 Sewer Specialist a lot more than 5 stars if I could.”

    - Mark B.
    He would be the first guy call in the future if I need help with plumbing.

    “John is a true professional. He was very straightforward and honest. Did great quality work, did the job quickly, it was very fair priced. He was always on time and showed a lot of pride in his work. Very thankful for the job he did!”

    - Keith T.
    He is very professional, kind, and very knowledgeable.

    “John re-plumbed my ENTIRE 3/2 bedroom house with PEX including a new bathroom addition. His experience and knowledge in the industry along with his youthfulness and energy puts him above all the competition. Do not hesitate to use John!!!!!!!!”

    - Nicholas T.
    John is great! He was so kind, timely, professional and great with customers.

    “John was honest and dealt with our issue, not trying to create more things to charge us for. It's always hard dealing with these expert craftsman as you never know if you can trust them. He also fit us into his busy schedule fast which I appreciated.”

    - Alyssa K.
    Highly recommended!

    “Great communication, service, and value.”

    - Victoria M.


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