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Sewer Odor Detection

Sewer Odor Detection in Torrance

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Do you notice a sewer smell in your home? Can't figure out where it's coming from? Many things can cause this issue, such as a toilet that was not caulked, a broken sewer, or a damaged vent pipe. No matter what is causing the smell, however, one thing you can tell for certain is that this problem simply cannot be allowed to continue.

Allowing these odors to be emitted into your home is not only obnoxious to you, your family, and any guests, but it can even be toxic for your health, depending on the substance and strength of the source. Our team at 911 Sewer Specialists, Inc. is trained to locate and repair the problem quickly and efficiently so that you and your family can rest easy. If you need odor detection services, you can trust our sewer technicians to provide the most superior sewer odor detection in Torrance.

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Why Odors Are Lingering around Your Sewer

Sewer lines are not generally thought of as fragrant. They carry all kinds of waste from our kitchens and our bathrooms away from our homes; however, the fact that they are far underground means that they are “out of smell” as well as out of sight and out of mind.

The problem is when the odors are somehow escaping from deep within the sewers. Usually this means that the pipes are overflowing, perhaps due to a leak or a blockage. As the wastewater is stirred by the rising elevation of the drain’s contents, this also further stirs up terrible odors. As these build up, they will eventually be emitted through manhole covers, vents, drains, and up through the pipes themselves. For those who are curious about how to eliminate sewer odor themselves, it is important to know that locating the source of the sewer smell can be difficult if not impossible for those who are not sewer specialists. That's why we recommend contacting an experienced odor detection service near you to help you solve the issue and get rid of the sewer odor.

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Other Common Places Where Sewer Odors Can Emerge

Although the sewer line itself is typically one of the primary suspects when it comes to detecting unappealing odors, there are sometimes other locations where the smells might be emerging from as well.

Some of these sources could include:

  • A problematic wax ring or faulty seal found at the toilet’s base
  • Water traps from beneath the floor drain, due to the lack of use over an extended period of time
  • A dried or cracked toilet trap when too much water has evaporated, usually if the homeowner is away and not using the toilet
  • A missing clean-out plug used to stop sewer gas from coming in through the floor drain

Prompt and Powerful Detection

It is important to get rid of horrible smells right away. This is because rotting, sulfuric, or burning smells could all point to another deeper issue as well, whether a drain fixture has simply loosened, or there is a fissure in the main connecting pipe, which could lead to the entire system breaking down. No matter what the problem is, you can count on 911 Sewer Specialists, Inc. to constantly work around the clock to make sure you are getting the help you need. Don't wait, schedule an odor detection service today!

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    911 Sewer Specialist, the name says it all.

    “I can't say enough good things about 911 Sewer Specialists. Everyone is super kind and helpful, whether calling the office or talking with the crew on the job. I would give John and everyone at 911 Sewer Specialist a lot more than 5 stars if I could.”

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    He would be the first guy call in the future if I need help with plumbing.

    “John is a true professional. He was very straightforward and honest. Did great quality work, did the job quickly, it was very fair priced. He was always on time and showed a lot of pride in his work. Very thankful for the job he did!”

    - Keith T.
    He is very professional, kind, and very knowledgeable.

    “John re-plumbed my ENTIRE 3/2 bedroom house with PEX including a new bathroom addition. His experience and knowledge in the industry along with his youthfulness and energy puts him above all the competition. Do not hesitate to use John!!!!!!!!”

    - Nicholas T.
    John is great! He was so kind, timely, professional and great with customers.

    “John was honest and dealt with our issue, not trying to create more things to charge us for. It's always hard dealing with these expert craftsman as you never know if you can trust them. He also fit us into his busy schedule fast which I appreciated.”

    - Alyssa K.
    Highly recommended!

    “Great communication, service, and value.”

    - Victoria M.


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